A Useful Tool for the Digital Marketing, Social Media and Information Technology Executive

Social business platforms for Brands to engage with Consumers and for Enterprises to engage with Employees, Partners, Suppliers and Investors are evolving rapidly in capability and complexity.

As I surveyed the technology landscape from a product strategy perspective I didn’t find a single source that I could use to get a quick snap-shot of the various platform vendors out in the market place.

Given the importance of Social Technology and its inexorable march into every facet of our daily lives I realized that a lot of Digital Media Executives also face the same challenge.

I created this matrix with co-author Daniel Brackin who did a lot of the heavy lifting in sourcing the data and making it understandable and presentable.

We plan to keep this document current and welcome input from technology providers who would like to be included in the next release scheduled for the February 28, 2011.

A full size version of the infographic can be viewed by clicking on the “menu” link at the bottom left-hand corner of the graphic. A downloadable PDF version of the original can be accessed by clicking on the “View on Slideshare” link at the bottom right-hand corner of the infographic.

A Decision Makers Guide To Social Business Platforms 021711 from Jas Dhillon 



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