Thought Leaders in Product Management

Product management as a discipline has evolved and been shaped by the ideas and contributions of several thought leaders since its inception. One of the earliest and most influential thinkers in product management was Peter Drucker and is considered the “father of modern management.  Drucker emphasized the importance of understanding customer needs and designing products […]

The Evolution of Product Management As A Discipline

Product management as a business discipline dates back to the early days of industrialization. The origin of Product Management is difficult to pinpoint as it has evolved over time and there isn’t a specific person who can be credited with inventing it. However, the concept of product management originates from a 1931 memo by Procter […]

magniX – Powering Electric Aircraft – Carbon Free Flight by 2050

INTRODUCTION Welcome to Eflight game changers, one-on-one conversations with the people dedicated to making flight carbon free by 2050.  Our guest today is Roei (ROEI) Ganzarski, CEO of magniX and Chairman of Eviation. Roei joined magniX as CEO, in May 2018, and Eviation, as Chairman, in October 2019. Prior to joining magniX Roei had a […]

The No BS Guide to Social CRM (sCRM) (Includes the sCRM Matrix for Dummies)

Some things are made to appear bigger than they are. The evening before a battle Genghis Kahn would make each of his soldiers light five fires instead of the customary one.  He did it to make the enemy believe that his army was bigger than reality.  His method of obfuscation put the enemy on tilt […]

“The Velvet Rope Effect.” Using Exclusivity to Drive Customer Engagement and Growth

  “VIP.” “Private.” “Wait List.” “By Invitation only.” These words create a sense of mystique, desirability, exclusivity, and scarcity in the hearts and minds of anyone who sees or hears them. “I Must Get Access” is the first typical emotional response. “When and How Can I Get Access” follows, then if unsuccessful, “Why Can’t I […]

The Imminent Cambrian Explosion of Social Business Information

Life Unbound The Cambrian Explosion, starting ~ 580 million years ago, was the most critical phase in the evolution of life on Earth.  It was an era of explosive growth when countless new variations of phyla including plants, animals, phytoplankton, and calcimicrobes came into existence. Before this most organisms were simple, composed of individual cells, occasionally organized […]

A Useful Tool for the Digital Marketing, Social Media and Information Technology Executive

Social business platforms for Brands to engage with Consumers and for Enterprises to engage with Employees, Partners, Suppliers and Investors are evolving rapidly in capability and complexity. As I surveyed the technology landscape from a product strategy perspective I didn’t find a single source that I could use to get a quick snap-shot of the various […]

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